Walker Concrete Completes First Ductilcrete Project

Walker Concrete Co., LLC, kicked off and completed a number of large industrial projects over the last 12 months and plans to keep that momentum going. One of its biggest accomplishments was the successful use of a brand new concrete mix known as “Ductilcrete.”

Working with Martin Concrete, a concrete construction company, Walker developed a custom mix for a specific, patented floor design used in a 614,880 square-foot spec warehouse developed by Duke Realty. Walker Concrete supplied the concrete for the slab on grade, walls, and tilt panels used to construct the large distribution center.

Encompassing about 17,000 cubic yards of concrete, the project found Walker Concrete using Ductilcrete additives and fibers in a very unique way to meet its customer’s needs. To achieve that goal, the company had to tailor the mix in a way that not only met specifications but also met the end user’s workability requirements.


Martin, based in Kennesaw, Georgia, describes Ductilcrete™ as “an entirely new concept in concrete in concrete flooring and paving, backed by nearly a decade of rigorous research and field testing.

”The Ductilcrete floor system reduces the need for reinforcing steel and enhances the “flatness” of the warehouse floor and reduces slab depth by one inch. These factors come together to minimize wear and tear on forklifts, tow motors, and other vehicles used in the DC.

“Because it reduces the shrinkage and curling effect of the concrete,” Orler explained, “it creates a super-flat floor for the equipment to run on while also increasing the lifespan of the floor itself.”

A Unique Project

According to Mark Orler, General Manager, Sales, the project went well and was completed in early-2016. “Rate of delivery was a constant concern particularly on the larger slab sections where the contractor was attempting to place an average of 80-100 yards of concrete per hour,” says Orler. “We had to constantly adjust the number of trucks we had scheduled as the pour sizes would change depending on any number of factors and we had to satisfy our regular customers during the day while still attempting to dedicate enough trucks to handle these larger pours.”

Special placement gear included Somero Laser Screeds which were utilized on all slab pours to ensure flatness of the floors. Concrete pump trucks were used on all tilt-panel pours.

And as part of the effort, Walker Concrete educated its customer on the placement and finish of the concrete, particularly in terms of what chemical additives needed to be included in order to achieve the right level of plasticity. “That was a unique project for us and the first time we’ve ever used that mix on the job,” said Orler. “The end result is a successful floor design that Martin is going to start selling to its customers.”

Later in 2016, Walker Concrete is scheduled to work with the contractor on a new 20,000-square-foot warehouse project that will also incorporate Ductilcrete.

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  • Published: 05-24-16


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