Materials Testing

At ConcreteSouth, all of our member companies routinely test the raw materials that make up our product: aggregates, sand, and cement. We also conduct tests on our final product, ready mix concrete, to ensure its plasticity and strength meet or exceed industry standards. Routine tests include:

  • AGGREGATE: Sieve Analysis, specific gravity of coarse aggregate, color plate, density, long and elongate particles, Fineness Modulus, cleanness of aggregates, absorption of aggregates.
  • CONCRETE: Compressive strength, splitting Tensile, Shrinkage testing, Time of Setting, three point curve mix designs, ALDOT Mix Designs, Specialty Mix Designs such as SCC mixes and High Early mix designs. flexural strength testing, testing the compressive strength of cores and cubes.
  • BLOCK TESTING: Compressive strength, absorption, fire rating, block density, block size measurements, wall thickness, percent solids.


These are the predominantly required tests but by no means are a complete list. When the need arises, ConcreteSouth can perform additional, more advanced tests on concrete, aggregates and blocks.

Kirkpatrick / Hodgson

Kirkpatrick tests aggregates and concrete once a week from each plant. They also check the batching accuracies of each plant weekly. On jobs for the Alabama Department of Transportation, testing of materials is increased to meet stringent ALDOT requirements. Kirkpatrick also routinely tests ready mix going to projects by verifying the plastics and strength of the concrete.

Kirkpatrick's testing lab is ALDOT Certified. Because Kirkpatrick is ALDOT Certified, they maintain an ACI 214 Statistical Analysis on mix designs. That allows them to submit mixes directly to the customer without having commercial laboratory verification.

Charles G. Caning, Jr (Bo) is a Civil Engineer, ACI Level I , ACI Strength, ACI Aggregate and Laboratory certified. He is on the ALDOT Technical Committee which not only certifies ALDOT Level I Technicians but meets once a quarter to discuss and help with the writing ALDOT procedures and to discuss changes in ALDOT procedures. Also, he is the President of the Alabama Chapter of ACI.

Walker Concrete

Walker Concrete's Geoffrey Chapman (pictured) is the Director of Technical Services and is certified as a (National Ready-Mixed Concrete Association) NRMCA Concrete Technologist Level III. Cory Cunningham is Sr. Field Technician and is certified with (American Concrete Institute) ACI as a Grade I Concrete Field Testing Technician. Both are certified with the Georgia Department of Transportation as concrete technicians and batchers.

Hodgson Concrete

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Kirkpatrick Central

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Kirkpatrick Northern

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Walker Concrete

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