Safety Programs

The companies that make up ConcreteSouth employ full-time people dedicated to ensuring a focus on safety. Spencer Weitman, the company's president points out that safety is a global initiative begun by the parent organization Vicat, even before safety became a dominant concern throughout the industry.

ConcreteSouth is dedicated to creating a culture of safety that starts in the home of every employee, travels with them to work and to every project throughout the day. They have established a zero tolerance for accidents that permeates everything that they do. When a company like ConcreteSouth has a culture that prioritizes safety, it results in an environment with better communications and improved productivity. When a company is more productive, its clients see a direct correlation in their customer service. In addition, a strong safety culture can impact customers’ perceptions of a company’s reliability, which is an important element in day-to-day operations.

Kirkpatrick / Hodgson

Kirkpatrick/Hodgson takes safety seriously, and we require all of our employees to use the standard industry practices to keep everyone safe on the job.

To that end, we have hired an experienced Safety Manager who can evaluate the safety protocols followed on various job sites, organize safety training for employees and report problems to management.

Safety Manager Daniel Shaddix understands the specific safety issues inherent to ready mix plants, job sites, and fleet. Daniel has a B.S. in Occupational Safety & Health Management, a certified concrete safety professional and member of the American Society of Safety Engineers.

Walker Concrete

Walker Concrete makes a point to engage drivers daily on safety topics and provide frequent reminders. They also build on successes and learn by communicating missed opportunities.

The safety team works hard to instill in employees that safety is a choice we all make and an attitude/behavior that should be strived for. Not only during working hours, but 24-7/365 with family and friends.

Safety Manager Larry Goodson has 30 years of industry experience working under multiple disciplines spread over various multinational companies. He is also a Smith System Trainer, OSHA Certified and possesses grass roots experience as an owner-operator and ready mix driver early in his career.

Hodgson Concrete

  • Office: (334) 281-5141
  • Dispatch: (334) 281-0730
  • Fax: (334) 281-1911

Kirkpatrick Central

  • Office: (205) 423-2630
  • Dispatch: (205) 323-8394
  • Fax: (205) 423-2626

Kirkpatrick Northern

  • Office: (256) 582-3274
  • Dispatch: (256) 582-3274
  • Fax: (256) 582-3309

Walker Concrete

  • Office: (770) 506-7125
  • Dispatch: (770) 506-7125
  • Fax: (770) 507-9340
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