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ConcreteSouth has recently developed its first iPhone and Android application known as ConcreteSouth Calc. Contractors, finishers and homeowners alike will now be able to calculate rough material estimates for a variety of projects right on site. This App is free to download and available now.

Rick Passey, Sales Manager for Kirkpatrick’s Central Division, says the new app will streamline the process of determining how much material to order. “For anyone sitting on a job site needing to communicate with our dispatch office on how much concrete required for a project--be it a slab, a column, a footing, a sidewalk--they're able to plug-in some numbers right there on their smart phone,” says Passey. “It’s a quick way to calculate the amount of concrete that they need for any particular project."

Passey is also excited about the App’s ability to quickly locate the nearest plant and the ability to call the appropriate dispatch number right from the application. “We’re very excited about the convenience of the app: It's going to store all of our contact information; there will be access to technical articles; placing and curing tips; just things that people can use in the field that will help them order, place, finish, and cure concrete.” is the online home to Kirkpatrick Concrete, Hodgson Concrete and Walker Concrete, the premiere choice for ready mix concrete in Alabama and Georgia. Each ready mix producer works together to create better jobs and build their respective communities.

The information contained in, data provided by, and calculations performed by this application (and any website to which it links) are provided for informational purposes only. This application is provided by ConcreteSouth (Kirkpatrick Concrete, Hodgson Concrete, and Walker Concrete Company) (collectively “We” or “Us”). We disclaim all liability in respect to actions taken or not taken based on use of this application. Use of the application is at the user’s own risk and the application is provided "AS IS" without any warranties as to the availability of the application, websites to which it links, or the accuracy of the information or data provided. Do not act upon any information obtained from or through this application or any website to which this application links without seeking independent professional advice. For any given project, the ultimate responsibility for the proper use of this application rests with the user.

ConcreteSouth Calc offers:

  • Ready Mix calculations for steps, footings, walls, steps and columns
  • Concrete Block Calculator
  • Bags of Masonry Cement, Mortar, Sand and Grout
  • Limestone and Pea Gravel Calculations
  • Central Dispatch Numbers
  • Nearest Plant Locator
  • Access to project videos, case studies and exclusive tech notes.

Hodgson Concrete

  • Office: (334) 281-5141
  • Dispatch: (334) 281-0730
  • Fax: (334) 281-1911

Kirkpatrick Central

  • Office: (205) 423-2630
  • Dispatch: (205) 323-8394
  • Fax: (205) 423-2626

Kirkpatrick Northern

  • Office: (256) 582-3274
  • Dispatch: (256) 582-3274
  • Fax: (256) 582-3309

Walker Concrete

  • Office: (770) 506-7125
  • Dispatch: (770) 506-7125
  • Fax: (770) 507-9340
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