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Kirkpatrick Concrete, Inc. began operations in 1892 and is one of the oldest concrete companies operating in Alabama. Hodgson Concrete is a well-respected name that has been a part of the Southeast Alabama market since 1898. Walker Concrete Company is one of the oldest and largest concrete companies operating in Metro Atlanta.
In Alabama, Kirkpatrick Concrete serves north Alabama and the greater Birmingham metro area. Kirkpatrick's Southern Division, better known in the marketplace as Hodgson Concrete, serves the Montgomery, Alabama market, while Walker Concrete services metro Atlanta, Georgia communities.

Kirkpatrick Concrete Timeline

  • 1890s

    When the company was founded on June 24, 1892 as Kirkpatrick & Company, mule teams were used to made deliveries from a Morris Avenue warehouse.
  • 1920s

    The pride of Kirkpatrick's fleet in the roaring 20's, a 1920 model Federal truck ready for downtown Birmingham deliveries. A modern vehicle for its day, the delivery truck boasted solid rubber tires, hand crank and carbide lights. The Federal Motor Truck Company was an American truck manufacturer headquartered in Detroit, Michigan.
  • 1930s

    In the 1930 Birmingham City Directory, Kirkpatrick listed 43 different products. Ironically, none of them were ready-mix concrete. In those days, the aggregates and cloth bags of cement were delivered for on-site mixing.
  • 1940s

    Until the end of World War II, Kirkpatrick used four 2-cubic yard horizontal mixer trucks still loading them from cloth bags. To prepare for the building boom that was predicted after the war, the company first installed an overhead cement bin to eliminate the handling of cloth bags.
  • 1950s

    Pictured, one of the first concrete plants located in downtown Birmingham. This Kirkpatrick plant was built in 1945, operated until the 1950's and was fed by bucket conveyor.
  • 1960s

    In 1966, Kirkpatrick installed a semi-automatic C.S. Johnson ready-mix plant with a four yard mixer. At the same time, the company established two dry-batch satellite plants.
  • 1970s

    By the 1970's, Kirkpatrick operated a Rexnord ten-yard capacity mix plant with fully automatic batching controlled by punch cards. During this era of time, the company began centralizing its operations utilizing the region's newly completed major highways.
  • 1980s

    Kirkpatrick was in high demand during Birmingham's building boom of the 1980s. Major projects included the Birmingham-Jefferson Civic Center, UAB, new shopping malls, hospitals, highways and interstates.
  • 1990s

    In 1992, Kirkpatrick marked its 100th year of service to central Alabama. Reflecting on its 100-year history, company leaders noted that Kirkpatrick's service was just as important as its concrete.
  • 2000s

    During the dawn of the 21st century, Kirkpatrick continued its long record of service.
  • Today

    In 2016, Kirkpatrick enhanced its long-term communication goals via ConcreteSouth. The growth of customer relationships is more important that short term growth projections to everyone in our company.

Walker Concrete Milestones

More than 60 years ago, Barney Walker set out with a pickup truck, two-bag mixer, and a dedication to providing outstanding customer service.
He was soon pouring footings, driveways, and foundations all across the growing counties of Fayette and Clayton.
A few years later, he was asked if he could supply the concrete for a large commercial project.
Barney accepted the challenge, providing the concrete for the massive Atlanta Motor Speedway. And he never looked back.

Hodgson Concrete Timeline

  • 1890s

    Founded by James Hodgson in 1898, the company manufactured and delivered raw materials to job sites using horse and mule-drawn carts.
  • 1900s

    As manufacturing technology and vehicle production progressed during the 1900s, so did Hodgson Concrete’s methods of making and delivering its products.
  • 1930s

    When Ready Mixed Concrete became a more specialized industry, Robert Hodgson, Sr., shifted the company’s focus away from contracting and onto concrete production.
  • 1940s

    Robert Hodgson, Jr., joined the company after serving in World War II.
  • 1950s

    As each new generation of the Hodgson family took over the company’s reins, it infused new ideas, innovations, and applications into its ever-expanding product line.
  • 1960s

    Pictured: Hodgson's 1964 work crew courtesty Alabama Department of Archives and History.
  • 1970s

    The sons of Robert Hodgson, Jr., Bill and Bobby, began running the family-owned business in the mid-1970s. During this era, the company had the first computerized ready mix plant in the state of Alabama and was one of the first firms to incorporate concrete pumping as a service. In addition, Hodgson's flagship plant featured a central mixer (instead of mixing it in the truck itself) which greatly increased quality and efficiency.
  • 1980s

    Hodgson was in high demand during Alabama's building boom of the 1980s.
  • 2000s

    In 2000, Hodgson Concrete was acquired by Kirkpatrick Concrete. The two companies have a combined tenure of more than 200 years serving construction interests in central and north central Alabama.
  • Today

    Now under third generation family management, Hodgson Concrete continues to serve metropolitan Montgomery.

Hodgson Concrete

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Kirkpatrick Northern

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Kirkpatrick Central

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Walker Concrete

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