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Committed to a Safe Environment


  • A 24/7 commitment to keeping its workplace, jobsites, and transportation component as safe as possible
  • Ongoing training for employees at 23 different plants
  • Regular driver safety training to ensure that the company’s vehicles stay as safe as possible while on the road
  • Partnering with customers to further emphasize safety both in and out of the plant
  • Creating an initiative that has achieved 100 percent buy-in from all company employees, managers, and leaders
  • Taking a proactive stance to reduce lost-time accidents, workers’ compensation claims, and other safety-related issues
  • Maintaining a strong safety culture across all plants, on the road, and on the jobsite
Safety Manager Daniel Shaddix heads up Kirkpatrick Concrete’s safe workplace initiative, which incorporates ongoing training across the company’s geographically dispersed plants.

Shaddix says Kirkpatrick Concrete’s proactive approach puts it ahead of the pack in an industry where too many firms wait until it’s “too late” to take a stance on safety-related issues. “We’re out there taking heavy equipment onto jobsites and working out on busy highways where the hazards are many,” said Shaddix. “When we pull up on a jobsite, our customers know that the driver and/or workers are bringing safety with them. That’s our strong safety culture at work.”

By ensuring high levels of safety at our plants, on our customers’ jobsites, out on the highway, and anywhere else we do business, Kirkpatrick has proven its commitment to maintaining a safe work environment. Knowing that these efforts will enhance employee productivity, loyalty, pride, and safety-consciousness, Kirkpatrick Concrete has invested much time, money, and effort into a long-term commitment to safety.

“There is no finish line; this is an ongoing effort that permeates every corner and facet of our company,” says Rick Passey, President of Kirkpatrick Concrete.

“We want our customers to know that when they see a Kirkpatrick or Hodgson Concrete truck arrive on the project they’re working with a partner that is truly committed to safety on a 24/7 basis."

Passey says that’s exactly what happens on a daily basis throughout the state of Alabama. "Superior training, ongoing support, and decades of industry experience come together to ensure your jobsite and projects receive the safety-related attention that they deserve," he says.

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