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project profile:


  • Producer: Walker Concrete
  • Location: Metro Atlanta, GA
  • Project Type: Warehouse / Distribution
Ductilcrete Warehouse

Walker Concrete Co., LLC utilized Ductilcrete, a resilient concrete mix, to help create numerous high-profile projects with great success.

It all came down to a little innovation. Working with Martin Concrete, Walker developed a mix intended for use in a specific, patented floor design in a 250,000-square-foot spec warehouse building owned by Duke Properties. Walker Concrete supplied the concrete for the slab on grade, walls, and tilt panels used to construct the large distribution center.

Covering about 17,000 cubic yards of concrete, Walker Concrete used Ductilcrete additives and fibers in a very unique way to meet customer needs. To achieve that goal, the company had to tailor the mix in a way that not only met specifications, but also met the end user’s workability requirements.

Super Flat Floors

The Ductilcrete floor system reduced the need for reinforcing steel and enhanced the flatness of the warehouse floor as well as reduced slab depth by one inch. These factors came together to minimize wear and tear on forklifts, tow motors, and other vehicles. “Because it reduces the shrinkage and curling effect of the concrete,” Mark Rongey, General Sales Manager for Walker Concrete, explained, "[Ductilcrete] creates a super-flat floor for the equipment to run on while also increasing the lifespan of the floor itself.”

Right Plasticity

The project, completed in early 2016, was used to educate customers on the placement and finish of the concrete. Walker Concrete also saw an advantage in demonstrating what chemical additives needed to be included in order to achieve the right level of plasticity.

“That was a unique project for us and the first time we’ve ever used that mix on the job,” Rongey explains. “The end result is a successful floor design that Martin Concrete is going to start selling to its customers.” The end result helped solidify a working relationship between the two companies. Walker Concrete later worked with Martin Concrete on a 20,000-square-foot warehouse project that once again made full use of Ductilcrete.