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ConcreteSouth member companies are leading ready-mixed concrete suppliers in the growing Southeastern market.

Our expertise in the production and delivery of high quality, premium concrete products comes from decades of service to commercial, civil, highway and residential sectors.
From technical experts devoted to the discovery of new mix designs, to logisitics experts backed by a safe and experienced delivery team, we're determined to become your partner in ready mix concrete.

Mix Designs

If your project requires a specialized mix design, ConcreteSouth's Quality Control team is fully equipped to research, test, and help put your custom concrete mix into action.

Material Testing

At ConcreteSouth, all of our member companies routinely test the raw materials that make up our product: aggregates, sand, and cement. We also conduct tests on our final product, ready mix concrete, to ensure its plasticity and strength meet or exceed industry.


At ConcreteSouth, we deal with complex logistical challenges on a daily basis. The ability to anticipate the unexpected are all part of making a complex or elaborate pour successful.

Safety Programs

The companies of ConcreteSouth employ full-time people dedicated to ensuring a focus on safety. Spencer Weitman, the company's president points out that safety is a global initiative begun by the parent organization Vicat, even before safety became a dominant concern throughout the industry.