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ConcreteSouth: A Culture of Safety

It’s no secret that construction jobsites and heavy manufacturing operations are busy places where potential safety hazards often lurk around every corner. That's why ConcreteSouth instituted and follows a safety culture that permeates every corner of its member companies 24 hours a day, seven days a week
Creating an environment where workers, contractors, and customers know that they are safe is a focal point for all companies that make up Concrete South. With corporate social responsibility playing a large role in our overall mission, we put safety first on a 24/7 basis. “Safety is a global initiative across our entire footprint,” says ConcreteSouth’s Spencer Weitman. “By making safety a priority, we’ve shown that we’re committed to minimizing lost-time accidents, workers’ compensation claims, and other safety-related issues.”

Kirkpatrick / Hodgson

Safety Manager Daniel Shaddix heads up Kirkpatrick Concrete’s safe workplace initiative, which incorporates ongoing training across the company’s 23 geographically dispersed plants. By ensuring high levels of safety at our plants, on our customers’ jobsites, out on the highway, and anywhere else we do business, Kirkpatrick has proven its commitment to maintaining a safe work environment.

Walker Concrete

At Walker Concrete Co., LLC, safety is top of mind for all employees and managers, every day. Using “zero accidents” as a baseline, the company works to infuse a culture of safety across its entire workforce. At weekly tailgate meetings (held at all the company’s plants), for example, Walker Concrete gets everyone involved and onboard with the cause.