About Kirkpatrick Concrete

Kirkpatrick Concrete, Inc. began operations in 1892 and is one of the oldest concrete companies operating in Alabama.

Kirkpatrick is headquartered in Birmingham and serves both private and public sectors. With 23 ready-mix concrete plants in Alabama, facilities are located from the northeast corner of the state to the metro Montgomery area. In addition to ready-mix concrete, Kirkpatrick offers concrete technical services including concrete mix design and verification services, project support and field troubleshooting. All sales and operations management personnel are ACI certified technicians. Kirkpatrick also operates one block manufacturing plant in Guntersville, Alabama and has a Building Materials Division which offers a wide array of masonry cement, both in standard gray and custom colors, and a line of masonry-associated construction products and materials.

CENTRAL DISPATCH: 205-323-8394


In central Alabama, Kirkpatrick Concrete uses a Central Dispatch to manage delivery of ready mix product with a fleet of 39 Mixer trucks and Operators. We have two full time dispatch personnel who have experience at delivering ready mix product and running plants. Both our dispatchers are ACI & ALDOT certified to further enhance their ability to service our customer base.

With this expertise they understand the challenges to both the customer and delivery personnel. We strive to deliver ready mix products with the best quality, by professional mixer operators in a timely manner. Central dispatch gives us the opportunity to manage the fleet more efficiently with access to a larger pool of operators and trucks. For any of your Ready Mix needs in the Central Alabama area contact Central Dispatch at 205-323-8394.

Kirkpatrick Plant Locations

Hodgson Concrete

  • Office: (334) 281-5141
  • Dispatch: (334) 281-0730
  • Fax: (334) 281-1911

Kirkpatrick Central

  • Office: (205) 423-2630
  • Dispatch: (205) 323-8394
  • Fax: (205) 423-2626

Kirkpatrick Northern

  • Office: (256) 582-3274
  • Dispatch: (256) 582-3274
  • Fax: (256) 582-3309

Walker Concrete

  • Office: (770) 506-7125
  • Dispatch: (770) 506-7125
  • Fax: (770) 507-9340
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